How to Apply for the USMLE?

This is a simple guide for MUST Students and Graduates who plan to apply for the USMLE, prepared and presented by Mosa’ab Ammat. Please join our group on facebook for questions (MUST-US): Spread the word about the group for people who plan to take this path. Let’s cooperate and help each other, collaboration is the key for our success. ** Special thanks to everybody in the group and to Ahmad Alsharif for his help and great effort in fixing the officials issue in our school. **Errata: * Students have to send Form 186 + 2 recent 5*5 photograph with the name and USMLE ID on the back. * Form 187: Transcript to document TRANSFERRED credits? Circle: (No). It doesn’t make any difference but ideally you should circle NO if you have not transferred any credits from another medical school. * Application for Step 3 is done through: ** When you get your Final Medical Diploma (el shahada el cartoon) after 14 months of your graduation date translate it in Mohandeseen: ICU Translation Service Center: 16 Khan Younis, Mohandseen, 5 th floor. Giza, Egypt.… Tel: 02-33459623 Mobile: 01063309269 or 01005298720