How to complain against the professors? Really toxic culture

How to complain against the professors? Really toxic culture, want to complain against higher authorities apart from principal as they might not take any action. Feeling depressed and at times suicidal too, and situation seems out of control. I know many will advice me to psychiatric help, which I’m taking but I want to escalate this matter. Because if we tolerate Everytime, the system would never change

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I too have faced the same…leave about professor…i faced toxic behaiviour from my co pg itself…no words

if it happens and then they get pusnished… aftermath … i have a doubt. will they teach us, will they give hands on ? will they let us pass thru finals ! ?? how to escape this ! ??? pls think about this too who ever is taking this further and punish those cockroaches.

There is a portal for complain for all pgs use that …it directly goes to higher authority