How to deal with unsupportive parents and relatives?

How to avoid relatives who degrade and insult you? My relatives are comparing me with my cousins who are in IT and how much ever I try to make them understand medicine is different they don’t understand it. They say my younger brother is earning but i am not. My cousin recently got a mbbs seat so I told him to think twice before joining and they started telling things like I am jealous and made a huge issue as I told them I want my books to refer during pg preparation. Is owning my own books to read , a wrong thing? He got a seat in government college and the fees is negligible. They say for i am jealous of him that’s why I won’t give him my books. I did my ug in government medical college and got a non-clinical seat in a big government medical college in my 1st attempt but I wanted to give another try as my dream branch was something else. But, my relatives and my mother are constantly nagging me to join a job and not at all supporting me. All they do is make me feel bad by insulting me. How to deal with unsupportive parents and relatives? Why do non medicos rarely understand us?

Just stay away from them , ignore all of them ,dont talk to such sick people if u cant explain them , join a library and study with supportive batchmates or study isolated alone , set yr mind to zero and start with full force

As far as parents are concerned,tell them to trust you this time for your sake

Study hard NOT to show everyone who you are , study hard to show yourself your own worth !

And there is always someone on top of you ,so stop harrassing yrself by comparing, live yr life to fullest ,let people talk

Once you learn to ignore such people you will learn to live yr life truely

Kuch to log kahenge , logo ka to kaam hai kehna

Best of luck

Ignore such relatives ,once u settle in private practice ,sab bhool jaenge ,growth hoti rhegi agr practice achi hogi ,koi retirement nhi ,tab sab relative aap ka example denge,

But don’t say anyone not to join MBBS ,

It’s your mistake here

Its not about stream it’s about person ,

Many engineers work less getting huge package , some doctors have 6 hour opd and earning huge money

I didn’t tell him not to join mbbs I told him to think twice. Doctors salary and good job opportunities are less here in tn and the government is opening many new government medical colleges every year which will further alleviate the problem. He also thinks mbbs is just like 12th std and one can earn in lakhs after mbbs. I just wanted him to know the reality before stepping in, to make an informed decision. I never told him to not opt it. Thanks.

I think move out …join a job n study side by side

As long as u r dependent on smone…they wil keep sayin such stuff…

N ignoring is not easy as it sounds…it does have a mental impact…like u just cant shut ur ears n eyes…

Move out !!

Escape to safe place with all your books and study material and start study again.

Do a part time job to sustain your daily needs.

The worst part of our profession is along with public, even family sometime not able to understand our condition.

Its most helpless condition one can go through and i really empathise with you dear.