How to get rid of facial hair?

How to get rid of facial hair?

Unnecessary and unwanted hair of facial, also known as Hirsutism, usually due to hormones problem in women. If there is unnecessary days, unnecessary hair grows on face and hands as well as legs. Women regularly use bleaching ‘waxing’ threading to remove or eliminate facial hair and some also take support of laser treatment. Despite all these methods, hair fall does not stop but after a few days break. Growing starts. Almost all women have short hair on their hands and faces.

Some hair grow deep and big and some grow natural small condition. Hair on face has always been unwanted. Women try all kinds of methods to get rid of these unwanted hair but it happens to use different methods every time. After doing this hair grows again with the same masturbation. Women are also worried because of these unwanted hair on the face and that’s why they avoid going somewhere and getting jealous of people. They lack self confidence. It seems and many of these women suffer from isolation which is definitely not a normal way for their life and health. There are some home and veteran tips that regularly use to get rid of this unnecessary and unwanted hair forever. Can be achieved but the condition is of consistency

  • Basin:

Traditionally, basin and turmeric cuisines are often used by women and are also aware of its importance and benefits. These days, the matching of ingredients not only eliminates the sides of the mouth and the little hair that grows but also the basin. Continuous use makes the skin look smooth ’ shiny and flawless. We take the weight of turmeric and basin. Prepare the paste with water and apply it on the face especially on the affected parts and for drying for fifteen to twenty minutes. Leave it, then dip a cloth in semi-hot water and wet it and clean the face pack from the face. You will see that the bachelor hair of the face is also coming out along with the basin. Also, yogurt in the cuisine of turmeric and basin. By adding weight to Malai, we can also achieve the desired results by applying it on the face.

  • Sugar:

Homemade wax elimination is possible quickly and fast, you may have a problem with homemade wax and secondly this wax is possible for you to be painful, sugar made wax Using may be a little difficult for you, but the biggest benefit of it will be that your skin will become very beautiful and smooth. Honey and lemon added in melted sugar will give bleach on the face and smooth the skin. Regular use of ga honey is beneficial for skin in every way. To prepare homemade wax, add one meal spoon in sugar, one tea spoon honey and a few drops of lemon juice. This cuisine is on a light touch from three to charm. Cook in a smooth shape. Apply this cuisines in semi-warm condition on the parts of the face that have spicy hair. Make hard cotton or jeans cloth strips and put a strip on it immediately after applying this mixture and against hair. Pull the direction with a breath, the hair will be cleaned. This waxing process is painful but its benefits are late.

  • Turmeric:

Turmeric is a treasure of natural reserves. Its presence in food prevents diabetes ’ blood pressure and heart diseases. Turmeric is also very useful in outdoor use. It not only helps in coloring but also eliminates bacteria. Natural ingredients are found to prevent hair growth in turmeric. For this, mix two tablespoons of turmeric with water and prepare a paste and apply this face pack on the parts of the face where it is the purpose of eliminating hair otherwise. It can also be applied all over the face. Put this face pack on the face for ten to fifteen minutes or until it dries, dip a soft cotton cloth in semi-hot water and wet it through the face. Clean the face pack of turmeric. Your hand should walk from bottom to top on face. This process will also keep your hair down. Do this two to three times a week.