How to know what are the dnb hospitals that are NMC/MCI recognised?

Respected seniors and friends,

1). How to know what are the dnb hospitals that are NMC/MCI recognised?

Where can i find the list.

2). Is rajiv gandhi women and child government hospital,pondicherry NMC/MCI recognised hospital?

Kindly help me.

First, once you complete DNB, the degree is equivalent to md ms for practice and for registration and for eligiblity for any further course (Superspecialty). Absolutely equivalent and no confusion on this for practice, registration and eligiblity for SS.

The screenshot you had shared is for teaching posts for medical colleges or teaching institutes as prescribed by NMC(teaching eligibility qualification).

So only if you are taking up a medical college teaching post after dnb, this additional one year SRship is required. Only for that purpose trying to figure out which institutes that offer dnb are NMC recognized or whether the DNB institute has 500 plus beds is relevant - as in such institutes for teaching equivalence don’t need this one year additional sr ship.

  1. Have not got a list. Will try to share one- trying to gather info. On Indira Gandhi gen hospital Pondicherry, too will get back. If it is not a hospital attached to IGMCRI medical college Pondicherry, and if it has less than 500 beds then 1 year SRship is required for equivalence on dnb to md ms if you wish to join a medical college in a teaching role…