How to read this pharma? Iam Just scoring zero ni this subject

How to read this pharma? Iam Just scoring zero ni this subject. Suggestions pls any high yield pdf ?

bro pharma is not a small subject. Hd series is the most high yeild thing you can do right now. Hardly takes 2-3 days

Are you joking??

They’re really vast with huge information. Not at all recommended during last 19 days

Start watching Gobind Rai Garg sir’s videos. You will fall in love with Pharma

absolutely, Pharma is so interesting I will never know that before watching sir’s video lectures.

Do general pharma nicely. Then you can answer the easy questions and your rank will not come down. And if you know medicine, few more questions you can answer from there. Rest of the questions you can leave. That’s the strategy I used. Pharma was my weakest subject and no matter how many times I read, I forgot. So I did not waste time worrying about it. I had pre decided that in all exams I will leave most of the pharma questions by telling myself that everyone has a weak point in a particular subject, so this is mine. I answered all general pharma questions, other questions I attempted only if I felt I knew something about it (thanks to Rakesh S Nair sir). Rest of the questions (which I never read/seen/least confident) I simply left without bothering (saves time during exam bcoz u don’t want to miss known questions). And made sure other subjects were fine with me. This strategy worked for me indeed. Accept ur weakness. Saves u every time. Now is the time to revise what u know and not waste time thinking about what u don’t know. All the best.