How to see every case senior doctor from junior

I see the team of left kwood ward cẖl ڑ rn hospital, working hard day and night to save every child

How to see every case senior doctor from junior

How all the team try to get the right diagnosis soon, the patient should be sent home when he is hasten from wood ward as soon as possible

Serious patients left immediately tested

Krona’s test, x _ Ray, ct test, Echo, doctors board till night, patient’s treatment can be taken for many times to take the right diagnosis and decision.

No neglected life should be burden

This is why there were only two deaths despite coming so serious patient

The rest of the patients were such who had any other disease and the time. They were saved by moving to the other side ward.

Of course this is the story of every hospital of Pakistan

Every doctor is trying his best according to his capacity

Government says deaths were reduced due to the best smart lock.

And I am surprised that the deaths were said that the doctor would have been poisoned and sold dead bodies.

Then why doesn’t anyone say about the deaths that are reduced

Thank you pakistani doctors nurses laboratory workers

Why are we miser in the matter of rebellious, love and love

Believe me this war is still going on and medical staff needs a lot of courage

All your prayers and motivation will not let us get tired

Dr. Switching Rizwan

Assistant Professor