How to start preparing for NEET PG 2020?

How to start preparing for NEET PG 2020 ?

Just start. Take some notes of any subject and push yourself a little bit, if u finish it, it will give positive feedback and the efficiency will slowly increase.
Make sure the subject you pick is the one you found really easy last year or have done very well.
How do you start temple run ? Like that the race begins…

analyse the subjects, figure out which one is hard and easy for you…i would suggest you start with the hard one… join a coaching centre it helps a lot but if you cant attend face to face coaching classes try some online platforms they are good too

To start with you should write a full neet level exam comprising of all 19 subjects, then calculate individual percentage you get in each of the subjects, make a list from weakest to strongest, then prepare accordingly start from your weakest subject first then one by one move towards the stronger ones, and yes enjoy the whole process take it as some kind of sports, if you keep working hard consistently overall graph of your performance despite all its fluctuations will move in an upward direction, all the best for your preperation :+1: