How to survive toxic and extremely hectic paediatrics residency

How to survive toxic and extremely hectic paediatrics residency.

Have faith yourself…It is sure that your power is superior than the power of department toxicity…Don’t quit the battlefield

try learning knacks of work . Keep a good rapport with support staff and interns. Keep good terms with obgyn counterparts .This too shall pass. Be the change which u wanted - donot be toxic to ur juniors.

Hold on…be strong, as u climb up in residency and post it, workload will slowly reduce. For toxicity unfortunately nothing can be done in our system. Learn to say no politely once it crosses a limit… Stay mentally strong. Take care of yourself and have a couple of good friends to talk to for support apart from parents. Eat well on time, sleep when u get time.

Unless a pan India movement to stop toxicity and regularise work hrs and mental health of doctors, we can only rely on us to take care of our mental health.

Keep one thing in mind u r there to learn

Be keen eager to learn from everyone around be it senior junior staff nurses . Three years k bad jab bahar nikalo to itna confidece ho ki atleast emergency situation sab manage kar loge.

And make atleast one loyal friend in pg residency it makes thing lot easier