How will children be energetic with mental and physical trust?

How will children be energetic with mental and physical trust?

As a parents, when someone thinks about the future of his children, the circle of this thinking is limited to their school, education and training, good health and reasonable house. Sẖạdẖw Nadir is like that parents of their children. Think about the activities outside of the house even though it is also a matter of importance. Usually the children’s health development and construction sketches are made regarding body and mind and parents look satisfied and peaceful at this time. If his child’s school is going well and there is no difficulty with attitudes.

If children get some time after school they only do it in educational activities, watch tv or eat food after being connected to video and computer games and then sleep but what do children do in free time Are you?

This doesn’t care about parents. There is no life out of the house of most children living in big cities and it should be considered right or not, but it is a matter of reality that the environment full of shit, the refugee sheep. The roads and streets from trash cricket, open gutter, no one has the courage to get out of the house. Today’s life is different, right now they go out of the houses and play themselves There are no opportunities to be connected to natural scenery and for many reasons their " physical bạỷwn ڈ ry̰ " has been comparable " is left. The culture of fear keeps parents permanently worried about the safety of their children. The risk of “stranger people” does not let today’s children go to the neighborhood with freedom, while they can’t even get out in their streets and streets and streets.

A pleasant concept of playing out of children’s house has been broken and the lives of children are choking in the houses. Those who have nothing to do in everyday free times except that computer and mobile Take support of the games. A researcher has interpretation of this change and sports in children’s life with " low age imprisonment the result of the same environment is not only deprived of very nice and healthy entertainment. Happening, but also lost opportunities to non-formal activities which is directly and more effective education. As the green environment is the same good results, there are the innumerable benefits of playing in natural environment that children active. Cheap and clever, strong and mental and physical trust. Children who play in natural environment who go out of the house regularly at fixed times are better than fitness in which coordination, balance And it is amazing when they do not get sick.

When children play in natural environment, the ability of their game increases but the ability to work together with their concepts, creative strength and language and language and language. This The natural environment is exposed to which the child seems to be built in the child, because the standard of his fire is high. Many reasons seem to be knowledge and the ability to understand something is high. It’s done. Natural scenes save the child in the lap of good effects and help him to compete with bad situations. The children who play in many types of natural environment do not make fool. Can go and no one can do anything by threatening them.

Nature creates a creative strength with learning, understanding and observation in children, which makes peace and peace and peace within them while they also have positive thoughts and social contacts between them. The environment out of the houses is important about freedom and autonomy in children, and the greatest luck is that these door computer games have come as an alternative to outdoor activities.