How's pre-pg app? Can it be an alternative to various

How’s pre-pg app? Can it be an alternative to various mcq books available in market?

I had only done prePG app during my internship and just had taken 2 marrow GTs( didn’t have the heart to endure that any more than twice)… I managed to get a decent rank in my internship year and landed with md pediatrics.

Pre-PG had the option of both subject wise tests and grand tests as well… The questions were of standard NEET level and it didn’t cause me to sob for hours after taking the GT.

It is very helpful as it focuses on frequently asked topics and previous years’ questions.

The daily subject wise tests are very good.

Sometimes the answers are inaccurate…

But there’s a discussion thread with each answer which is a huge blessing, as it allows people to share their memory tricks , mnemonics, and to offer explanations when someone has a doubt.

It’s a great app to improve on your weak areas. Quite underrated!

Pre pg was very good app for MCQ practice…most questions are previous year questions…

One of the best apps for neetpg with robust collection of MCQs. Not solving it properly will always remain as one of my regrets.