Howz MD General medicine in Deemed university?

Howz MD General medicine in Deemed university? And there is any stipend?

Stipend is everywhere.

Deemed are best to learn in-patient management. Merely you will be given the opportunities to acquire OPDs. But that is subjective- many of the famous doctors in our country are from deemed

  1. MD medicine is a branch where you can improve a lot by own effort.

You can learn easily compared to surgical branches. Mentorship matters for sure. But less impact compared to surgical branches.

So even if you get seat in worst pvt/ deemed for Md med

You can take it. You always have scope for improvement.

But there are some deemed colleges which have really good patient load too. Better than govt even interms of academics.


Well some colleges give stipend

Some reduce that from fees/hostel fees and dont give stipend. Depends

  1. BOND

Some deemed has it. But no strictly followed