Husband's unwanted acts

Husband’s unwanted acts

Marriage is such a bond after which life changes completely. It is not easy to put yourself in a new environment and to make all your time, happiness, dream with another person. Two people who have never met before marriage. The sadness of each other becomes the companion of the Sikh. They bear the words of each other and do not live without each other. How it is possible, the reason for it is the love that is born among them. Why is there a fight in them? Husband’s habits that wives don’t like and fight for fight.

The capture of tv remote:

Often men have the habit of keeping tv remote in their hands and changing the permanent channel. The wife sitting together who wants to see a program or a drama of her choice and if she doesn’t see it, she starts getting angry. Because TV The purpose of sitting in front is to enjoy something together. If there is a debate on it, your favorite program remains on one side and the fight starts. So if you want to enjoy a little while. Take care of each other’s choice so that the small talk does not cause a quarrel.

Stay in tv and mobile on weekend:

Every woman knows that her husband works hard from morning to evening and comes home tired but it doesn’t mean she can see the whole weekend and eat her own choice. Every woman wants That her husband gives her time. It’s not possible in the days of work but on the holiday she wants her husband to give her time and feed her outside.

Comparing your home life to others:

Instead of praising the things made in front of the wife, the other women’s hands should be praised. They should compete with their homes in the house of other people, so that they can tell their wife’s skills less than others, for the wife. The pain is proven and he can’t tolerate it.

Don’t appreciate the wife:

Every woman makes her own beauty for her husband, choosing something for herself and takes care of her husband’s choice and also wants her husband to praise her but if her husband in such a way. Ignore her so she gets so sad.

Don’t take interest in the work of the house:

Most men are not interested in the work of the house, often they do not want to drink water. for them, the work of the house is done. The need of the need is to pick up from one place and do not keep it in its place. Leave the tea and do not keep the cup in the kitchen, throw the towel on the bed after bathing. These things do not like a woman. Men should take care of the way they do their work in the office all day long, woman Also fulfill all the responsibilities of the house and improve the house before you come home.

Don’t pay attention to the kids:

Some men do not pay attention to their children, like the rest of the house, children’s education is also on the woman. It is the responsibility of the children to prepare their homework for the whole year. The wife of the woman, who wants to make the children’s attention, does not pay attention to her, so the children become helpless and do not even say the mother. The husband of these small things, if you think, then many of the gھry̰lwjھgڑwں. Can survive and their life can be satisfied with peace and love and love.