Hyperinflated lungs occur when air gets trapped

Hyperinflated lungs occur when air gets trapped in the lungs and causes them to overinflate. Hyperinflated lungs can be caused by blockages in the air passages or by air sacs that are less elastic, which interferes with the expulsion of air from the lungs.

Bullous lung disease is characterized by the development of bullae within the lung parenchyma. A bulla is a permanent, air-filled space within the lung parenchyma that is at least 1 cm in size and has a thin or poorly defined wall; it is bordered only by remnants of alveolar septae and/or pleura.

A pulmonary infiltrate is a substance denser than air, such as pus, blood, or protein, which lingers within the parenchyma of the lungs. Pulmonary infiltrates are associated with pneumonia, tuberculosis, and sarcoidosis. Pulmonary infiltrates can be observed on a chest radiograph.

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