Hypocrites want to go ahead with counsellings of 67% hefty reservation

Hypocrites want to go ahead with counselling of 67% hefty reservation and later cry out foul when they don’t get a seat of their choice in their fav college. The whole narrative is now shifted altogether to a different issue overshadowing the main issue of reservation in Post graduation level. Well played!! This is how UR will sit idle ranting on irrelevant issues while watching everyone else get the benefit and Excel. Doctors will be more in pain and stress due to such policies in a competitive exam while rest can sit in their comfort zone and watch the game.

The central government decision of implementing reservation was too much of a blunder what were they thinking introducing that much reservation 2 months before exam , the supreme court should also be blamed for the delay and overworking of the doctors they should have atleast considered the amount of medical workforce struck due to conseling would have burden on existing residents … They should have atleast thought about thier previous decision regarding the maximum work hours of doctors… Aspirants struck , residents burdened,covid waiting to strike … Everything stemmed from worst decision making of when to introduce a policy by government.