Hypogastric sheath – Anatomy MCQ

Which is not a part of the hypogastric sheath?
A. Transverse cervical ligament
B. Broad ligament
C. Lateral ligament of bladder
D. Uterosacral ligament

Correct answer : B. Broad ligament
Pelvic fasciaCoronal section of the pelvis showing the layers of pelvic fascia.

Hypogastric sheath is a condensation of the pelvic fascia which transmits vessels and nerves along the lateral pelvic wall towards the pelvic viscera.
Broad ligament of uterus is not a part of the hypogastric sheath.
It is a peritoneal fold.

Parts of the hypogastric sheath:

Anterior lamina – Lateral ligament of bladder.
Middle lamina – Transverse cervical ligament, rectovesical septum in males.
Posterior lamina – Presacral fascia, uterosacral ligament.