I am 2016 pass out, starting to prepare for NEET PG/ NEXT 2022

I am 2016 pass out, starting to prepare for NEET PG/ NEXT 2022, couldn’t do it yet because of personal and family reasons. Am I too old to do it successfully, or are there others sailing on the same boat too ?
Please don’t make fun, need genuine suggestions from colleagues

2017 pass out I am. It is never too late for anything.

Check out 1 video of prepladd at you tube. 1 female doctor after her retirement from army as a doctor, prepare in her 60s and got PG anesthesia seat in himachal last year

There shouldn’t be any regrets or 2nd thoughts bro.

U had ur problems, u chose to do what was necessary.

And it’s never late, all the best.

2017 pass out here

Never too late… I’ll say try for 2021 too… you will gain experience and the best GT is the real exam… you will learn your mistakes and what to work on… even my preparation is bad but I’ll try for this year… if i dont get seat also still i will learn something 🙂

And don’t worry … everyone have our own time…our own journey … never punish yourself by comparing with others

I am 2009 pass-out, struggling between family friends and jobs.Also social responsibilities.But still trying.