I am a 3rd time repeater I m getting nbe diploma Obs gynae in government medical college

I am a 3rd time repeater I m getting nbe diploma Obs gynae in government medical college through state 1st round counselling and I can get MD pathology in 2nd round state counselling … I want obs gynae branch but it’s nbe diploma … not able to take decisions whether to take nbe dgo aur should take MD pathology… no mock plz need genuine advice

In dip from gvt mc u choose after getting enough information. So many times I hav seen teachers will show partiality by giving bulk of cases only to MD students. Idk in gyne Branch but this happened in other branches.

Choose wt u like the most no matter whatever the course is … Always do what u want… dont give a second thought

Praveen Sharma Dr. I am thinking about diploma radio, is there an exit exam in diploma like DNB

Obviously it would be like that!

Nabe will do it

If nbems is diploma

If you have a simple diploma then no worries

Diploma is very fine, just do a secondary dnb afterwards

Pdcet is an easy exam.

Many people have taken nbe radio diploma this year. N they did the right thing. If u are passionate about a stream, it doesnt matter if u are MS/DNB/Diploma. Ur knowledge n dedication matters most.

U might end up being a very successful gyenac holding nbe diploma or a terrible pathologist holding a MD degree.

Follow ur passion, u will be successful

If u r interested in obg, go for it. In DNB surgical branches, hands on is the problem in many corporate institutes. Since u have got in gov setup, u can definitely go for it. This is my opinion. U can easily go for secondary DNB obg after diploma DNB.

Don’t take another drop… We can’t rely on government policies, what all modification/ changes they can introduce for next exam… let it be diploma/ md patho,get out from this worst loop…