I am a Final year student

Sir i am a Final year student…
I have been making notes for a while now .
However i had doubts about notes making for medicine as it has 200+ videos. It is actually difficult or impossible to make notes for all of them obviously .
Then i heard Rohan sir’s live session on MARROW INTERN MODE .
Would want to ask if i made notes of only the videos (Only of medicine) presnt in INTERN MODE ( i am a plan C user ) and solved q bank regularly with it … will it help ???
P.S. This i will only follow for medicine

As I mentioned in the video, final and pre- final year students should try to make their own notes. Also you shouldn’t use intern mode right now - there is enough time to listen to dr Rakesh’s videos, which would cover so many concepts / details important for your university and entrance exams. I would rather utilise marrow notes for medicine to get the job done.

You have about 20 months and you’re worried about 155 hours?