I am a mother of a 4 year old kid, working in government sector from 8-2

I am a mother of a 4 year old kid, working in government sector from 8-2 , weekly one off , taking care of child all alone , unfortunately sometimes I have take my child to my workplace, no support of family members except husband, I have to feed the child take care of her alone, this time gave neet pg after gap of 4 years got rank in 1 lakh plus, how to prepare for the pg entrance exam specially inicet and neet or next 2024 , please guide me, any mother who has same situation and cleared pg entrance exam please please guide me, help me out please

I have been in similar situation.i can understand you…Just believe you can and start…first have a good plan .i suggest you take help of some coaching platform…make your own notes…For managing time,try to squeeze in as much as time u can avail for studies,just arrange some maid for household cleaning n stuff…remove all distractions like social media atleast for 1 year including watsap…whenever kid is playing ,you can sit by her side and revise ur prev day topics,when kid sleeps, u study…try to study in the mornings…when ur mind is fresh…never lose hope…always stay calm and positive…litl by litl u wil progress…in the end u wait for the miracle…all the best dear

Same is here also… But resigned from job… Nd last yr rank was good enough than this yr… This yr so much discrepancy in betn rank nd correct answer