I am about to start my first NHS job

Hello Drs, I am about to start my first NHS job and the hr mentioned that a colleague offered to open an account in barclays as they do virtual appointments. However I have monzo account that I can receive my salary in.

My questions are:

1)- Does barclays bank provide credit card that I cam build up credit history in?

2)- How about the customer service in the bank?

3)- Any other prons or cons?

  1. yes

  2. Pretty ordinary, similar standard to most banks. Nothing special.

  3. A few pros to mention, like cashback on online purchases through the app. Barclays provides a higher level of security than some other banks.

Cons - probably similar to most other banks.

If you are really ethically and environmentally minded, then Barclay’s has investment in dirty oil pipelines, which Greenpeace have protested against.

I have a very bad experience with Barclay’s… I applied for account before reaching UK. They asked for a couple of documents and online identity check… I submitted everything and after 15 days I got a call that my account is ready and they will send everything by post in a couple of days… I waited for 5 days and then I emailed them but no reply and no response from helpline… Then after 2 more days a lady picked up the phone and told me to send her an email to check the process… Then she said that my account opening will take very long time and I should applied to some other bank. Now its one month and I am struggling to pay my house rent and bills…so please don’t go for Barclay’s