I am aged 56 now. During the covid lockdown

I am aged 56 now. During the covid lockdown, on self testing, I found that I was suffering from diabetics. It was 461 post meals. Immediately, I took medicine, began intensive physical exercise and changed the food. I reduced carbohydrate and took more protein. In three months, I have lost my belly and 4 kg. Now, I have increased carbohydrates intake. Fasting sugar level is around 105. But, I could not increase my weight. My appearance looks like more aged. What should I do to increase my weight a little bit more. My height is 167cm and weight is 62 kg. I have stopped taking medicine for diabetics.
I want to ask for how long you were taking the drug and when you do lab test at first how was your clinical conditions? It is advisable to continue excercise and periodical clinical followup.
I took medicine only for 3 months. For the past 4 months, I do not take medicine. I do exercise everyday. Take blood test every week. My children are doctors. Now, I want to increase my weight by 2 to 3 kgs without increasing carbohydrates intake