I am alloted MD Anaesthesia Recognised seat in a good state medical college

I am alloted MD Anaesthesia Recognised seat in a good state medical college. but i wanted to do a Core clinical branch ( Medicine or Surgery ) Should i take a drop for next year
or take this seat ( as all are saying its a govt college, fees is less, recognised seat, why waste a year and anaesthesia is a good branch )

If you can get govt md anaesthesia this year then I believe you’ll do great next year BUT there’s always a risk competition is rising day by day

One of the best ways to help you out of this is dilemma is talking to well established doctors as well as fresh residents who are practising Anaesthesia, Medcine and Surgery. Facebook replies will be laced with personal biases, they wont be of much help.

Anaesthesia and surgery are complimentary branches but they’re also polar opposites.
If you see yourself as a surgeon you’ll never be happy as an Anaethetist , and to make it worse you’ll be reminded of your compromise everyday.
Anaethesia essentially is a clinical branch, it is very cerebral and requires through understanding of physiology and pathology.
Surgery is a skill based branch and requires through knowledge of anatomy.
Anaethetists are honed by studying more books.
Whereas surgeons are honed by more practice.
The differences go on, and when you’ll be working in the same room in the future the differences will be tough to forget. So if you’re genuinely interested in surgery , never go for Anaesthesia. It will be a life long unforgettable regret.

True anesthesia is good branch …and after that also to do DM in critical care …work load is good …why drop??..if you are so into medicine or surgery should’ve thought earlier …but I do think progression equally good in anesthesia

Take a drop, if you’re genuinely interested in core branch like surgery or medicine then you’ll never be happy as an anesthesiologist. Especially in corporate sector the truth is that the surgeon will always try to diminish you and treat you as his inferior. You can’t do anything about it because it is him who is bringing patients to the hospital and generating revenue. Same is the case with consultants of other field while you’re working in the ICU. If you’re a type A personality, anaesthesia is not the branch for you. This is strictly for corporate hospitals. I don’t know about government hospitals. Though as a branch anaesthesia is beautiful. We have a unique skill set and come into picture when it’s about life and death and other doctors have failed in their attempts, and we are full of knowledge. But if you’re not generating revenue, you’ll be treated like scum. That’s how the world goes.

What do you feel about being your own boss? like having your own opd is tough in anaesthesia and respect of anaesthesia doctors is very less among patients too ?
and for an aesthesiologist i heard that u have to be in good books of surgeons obg people else you wont be getting any major work in private sector.
These are some reasons i heard people telling me not to take it