I am appearing in Counselling for the first time

I am appearing in Counselling for the first time. Plz dont mock & solve my genuine query. Marks 290 UR

I have filled my desired choices for All India R3. If they get allotted, I’ll take them. I am not sure, if I’ll be allotted something in All India. So, to try here & there, I’ll fill in states like Maharashtra, UP, MP, Haryana for private seats whose counselling is simultaneously going on…

• If I get allotted in All India, that list will be shared with states & I’ll be ineligible for state seats but will my security deposit of 2 lakh for various state counsellings be refunded?

• If I dont get in All India, then All India deemed security deposit will be refunded naa, if I don’t participate further?

• If I get allotted in any state, security deposit of other state counsellings will be refunded or not?

I am badly confused. Plz help anyone. Even little help will be appreciated



3.Depend if you are not alloted somewhere else.

1.yes ,u will get refund in case u don’t participate.

  1. yes

  2. If You participate in two or more States than if you got the seat in every state then you will not get the refund in any state if you didn’t get the seat in other states and got the seat in one state then the other state security deposit is refunded.