I am confused about which job to join

I am confused about which job to join

I have two job options

One in private hospital where I am doing night ward daily without any off monthly 4 off over there I am doing file work for 2-3 hours and then sleep and wake up around 7 am then go at 8 am

And other is my ug college

Over there they are offering me covid icu duty there I have to do sampling suctioning and charting in files duty is daily 6 hours after night one day off and weekly one off

Private hospital job is permanent one but they are not giving accomodation

Medical College one is contractual of 6 months

But they might give accomodation in one room to two house surgeons

Salary in private is 65k but they cut security and give 58.5 k in hand

Salary in government is 62k

In both no paid quarantine of covid

Go for Private job. You have Adequate time for Reading. There is no point in doing Covid duty and risking the safety of you and your family for a contract job

Kinda depends on your level of preparation honestly. If you are targeting neet pg, i would say to keep 2 solid duty free months in hand before exam day.

Try to find out what is the exact nature of the work you will be doing…in the sense that which is more taxing…bcoz if you spend the off day recuperating from the previous night shift, then its of no use.