I am currently an intern prepararing for NEETPG 2023

I am currently an intern prepararing for NEETPG 2023 while my bf got his dream branch in one of the most prestigious institute of the city in 2021.

I really love him alot but somehow I feel I am just a timepass for him. He gets uncomtable to be around me in front of everyone and hides our relationship. Since last 1 year no one is aware of our relationship. He told me strictly not to tell anyone.

Recently he took one of his female intern out for lunch and then lied straight on my face. That girl is in my whatsapp contact list and I got to see her status. He is unaware of all these.🙃

Whenever I try to discuss with him he fights badly without giving any proper answer. He told me he will do whatever he feels like and is not answerable to me. All of these are affecting my studies badly. I am getting mentally disturbed to such an extent that I am becoming irregular in my duties as well.

I dont knw how to overcome this situation. Out of everything in this world, why people choose feelings and heart to play with. Feeling so depressed.

Relationship should always be from both sides, how muchever you love other , that much it hurts you, the one person who don’t respect you is unworthy for you!! Make a courage to give up on him! I know u truly love the other, but love should be for deserved one…

Be strong , focus on your studies there is a real someone for you, who will actually respect you.

Don’t be fooled, just move on, he is not worth ur time.focus on ur carrier…b strong 💪 … prepare for ur exam…

Take ur time,talk wd friends and family… make ur life valuable… Rest things will be handed by almighty, after 3-4 yrs u ll b happiest person for taking dis move on decision…of now… Life is so beautiful precious…dnt waste for such kind of person…lots of best wishes…