I am from a middle class background and first generation doctor

I am from a middle class background and first generation doctor. Now preparing for neet pg. I am not extraordinary talented and i also don’t have crazy enthusiasm for any thing. I just wanted a decent life out of this stream. Now i am hearing saturation is everywhere. I don’t even know i will get pg or not. Some are saying doing pg is also not enough. I want to contribute to my family and my parents and want to have above middle class lifestyle for them. I know being doctor is not about money and all. Bit i want to earn well for my family. I hope that’s not wrong. I don’t know what to do? Is situation really that worse?Can anyone please guide.

Know your city if u want to settle there. See what is lacking there. Even i thot it’s saturated when i was doing ug, preparing for pg. Now, I’m home for more than 10 days seeing almost all hsptls are still Busy. Pts waiting for hrs at OPDs. So know ur city and groom yourself accordingly. Remember There is always light at the end of the Tunnel. Reality is far behind all the assumptions. All the best

I work in a 24hrs trust hospital setup setup right now as a mbbs practitioner. My colleague is a married woman of my same age working here for the past one year with 40K salary in hand.Her husband is also a mbbs practitioner working in a corporate setup with the same salary in hand. They both own a private clinic in a nearby village with a good patient inflow in which they see cases in the evening. Approx 1.5 to 2L per month for the family income.You will be good. You can do well.