I am genuinely confused, writing this just to share with you all about what I feel

I am genuinely confused, writing this just to share with you all about what I feel. In this pandemic, what we have witnessed is a broken healthcare system in our country, especially the government hospitals. Covid or Non-covid, all patients are suffering in govt hospitals. One of the institutes which many of us wish to get in has been called “Worse than dungeon” by Gujarat High Court. The entire hospital, covid and non covid in this dungeon is operated by residents. But it isn’t something new, previously also govt hospitals were run by residents only. So why is there so much taboo for the DNB residents and the belief that no one should take DNB if he is getting MD/MS, when in fact it is those corporate hospitals which are actually treating the patients while the govt hospitals are just managing them. Why do we ask about patient load/cutting before opting for institutes when it is of no meaning if you are going to do that without expert guidance. Yes, a DNB resident might not be making important decisions wrt patient care but he sees the treatment given actually work while even if the govt hospital residents have the entire treatment in their hands, the patients cured are less. So do you get confidence when you learn the right treatment or giving treatment yourself knowing no one will correct you if wrong? Do you get confidence when the person treated under you dies but no one cares to find the actual cause of death, what lead to it and what should be done to prevent it the next time or by being present at a meeting where proper case by case analysis is done? Should the question to be asked not be that if in case something happens to us do we wish to get admitted in the institute we wish to take admission in? And if degree is that important, why not opt for a private college where patients would be treated in literal sense.
I have nothing to do with any past or upcoming counselling but recently I got a chance to witness 2 entirely different hospitals from a patient perspective and that made my opinion in favor of DNB for every branch, not just radio.
P.S.- Anyone going in the dungeon should seriously reconsider.

Your perspective is an over generalisation based on point source interactions in an abnormal/extreme scenario in a very small sample size. It also seems to be highly influenced by the statement of high court. Therefore your perspective is skewed and inappropriate. Neither take any decision based on this nor preach it.

One of the reason why MD/MS in govt setup is preferred over DNB is that it gives a lot of exposure, both normal and abnormal cases and management within a period of 3 years and passing the course is easier than DNB. This provides a head start in the lifelong learning process as medicine can’t be learned in just 3 years. There is a reason it is called practice because knowledge is implemented, observed and improvised.

Your notion that expert guidance is unavailable in govt hosp. is false. There is a basic difference between govt and corporate setup. In first there is more of active learning i.e. you learn more from your own mistakes while in the latter there more of passive learning. Obviously active learning is a faster way to learn. This is the reason why people ask for hands on and cutting etc.

Your idea that there are less patients cured in govt hospitals is fallacious at best. There is an evident overburdening of govt hospitals. The time a doctor can give per patient is less and that’s why people feel neglected at such places. It doesn’t mean they are not being cured. Maybe you have a tendency to see the glass half empty or you are a non medico with only a patient’s perspective.

It is good that you have nothing to do with any counseling because you are clearly not cut out for the job. It takes courage to face the music. Doing lip service or charting an escape route (alternate career/civil service) is easier.