I am getting good institutions for patho,ent, ophthal and anesthesiology

Should I take MD path or DNB in a clinical field?

I am getting good institutions for patho,ent, ophthal and anesthesiology.

While personally,I do not mind limited patient interaction – i am facing some hesitation when it comes to moving away from patient interaction entirely.

Take any clinical branch be it MD or DNB. Even though you don’t mind para clinicals you’re afraid of leaving the patient interaction entirely. So clinical anyday. And don’t listen to people who suggest you to take patho because you can open your own lab. Idk where these idiots come from. Not everyone is from affluent class and it takes A LOT of investment to open one, kabhi kabhi toh insaan ki poori life nikal jati hai utna kamane mein. After investing so much in a lab, you’ll have to compete with the already existing one. It is never an easy task unless your family owns one. Same goes for clinics too. Go for any branch of your choice not because you can open your own setup but because you think that it will make you a better doctor than you’re today.

And don’t ask anything on this group. If you’re confused about a branch ask someone who’s doing a pg in it or is done with it. The morons in this group don’t know anything. Half of them are mbbs grads from God knows what college who seem to have done nothing in their internship and know nothing about what actually goes on in the hospital.

I would suggest to check the previous years allotment for DNB colleges(since you mentioned you have a slight clinical inclination) at your rank and try to get information on -

Passing rate of the subject as a whole.

Passing rate of students from that particular institution

Hands on and exposure

Availability of latest technology

Location of the college/hospital( This is important as you are going to spend 3 precious years of your life.)

If you are getting a hospital fulfilling all the above mentioned criteria and the subject has a decent passing rate, go for it.

If not go for MD pathology, you’ll get a very good college in a good location at your rank. It will be much much easier to pass. The only disadvantage in your case would be limited patient interaction( Fnac’s and biopsies),but if you’re okay with it, MD patho would be a very good choice.