I am heavily disturbed by the events happening since past two days

I am heavily disturbed by the events happening since past two days .
In West Bengal one student had depressed fracture
Other medical college saw stone pelting ,fire attacks ,rape and murder threats as they were trying to support each other.
It takes blood sweat ,compassion and from day 1 dedication where we tell ourself that this life is dedicated for the needy .
My prime priority is to serve the needy irrespective of my needs .
When one enters the medical profession he/ she is warned ur life is compromised u cannot enjoy , we still tell ourself my profession will serve the needy and that will give me real enjoyment .

But will serving 87 year old ,who died of terminal Illness and cardiac arrest ,we are rewarded with depressed fracture . I really feel was my passion ,dedication hardwork is all worth . Does this society deserve any one of us .

Most of the medical fraternity is calm because they are not facing it today but we may be next tmrw . These activities need to be strongly condemned .
I urge all the doctors who are in higher position and have been doing good for the society to do good for the medical fraternity by being United and taking strong action towards assault on doctors .
It’s the need of the hour


Mam this poor society has IPC sections only for doctors negligence not for against doctor assaults…

Senior doctors coming to your rescue ? No way. They are bothered of their position

We ourselves ain’t united .
Why would anyone else be worried for us ? We must must, for once unite and fight for our rights .