I am in a very bad emotional state right now

I have been allotted a seat in mopup round in other state and yesterday I had an emergency in my family due to which I can’t leave my city . Can I exit from this ? I am in a very bad emotional state right now

Cant exit but if you wish dont take admission. A personal advice is dont take decisions based on temporary situations… Life is like this… oppurtunities dont come always… You will have to balance… rest your decision is the final…

Sorry If i advised something rude as i dont know your exact situation

you can exit with forfeiture of fees… No further participation in any counselling for this year

Joining date can be extended

Contact college authority

Mail them or fax them medical emergency files

maam…u do 1 thng…call up ur alloted colg via the contact no…nd plssss send them ur medical er reports n all…n ask thm 1st if somethng can b done or not?

obvio they’ll come up wid a soln…if ur alloted colg s near…go wid someone n return back asap on that same date…

ya ur eligible ma’am…but y do I want to go through the trauma again…u hv got ur seat…ur leaving it just like that??pls ma’am don’t do this mistk

as per ur wish ma’am… definitely u can sit for neet 22 again…not n issue…but probs forefit won’t b allowed…I’m not sure though

Call the nodal office of your alloted college and ask if you can make online admission and join late by explaining the situation

This mopup is also probably getting cancelled so don’t worry