I am intern in private medical college


I am intern in private medical college.

Healing, helping and diagnosing is my passion and give me adrenaline rush as well as satisfaction.

Being from private college always haunted me if i will become a competent doctor with good skills and knowledge.

In this doubts i always messed up things like switched between books, strategies.

Whenever i used to read standard text like robbins, baliey, cmdt, ganong or integrated ; i was usually mocked that either they are for pg students or for bright students of govt college. You can’t pass your professional with them. There was always little to no guidance. Everyone had just one goal to pass and get degree. but i wished to gain knowledge n be a good doctor instead even if i have to suffer from suppli for that.

But due to lack of guidance i used to doubt my strategy if it’s right strategy or not. and i had heard u neednot to read standard text completely there is approach to read them.

I tried integrated in final prof i was doing well but due to doubts over strategy i messed up n gave it.

Even though i learnt from experience that it’s just about mindset as during my second year i was able to read one page of robbins in an hour, while in final prof was able to read 4-6 pages/hour. but i wasn’t able to digest it as i had doubt if good doctors do it in this way or some different way.

And i learnt one more thing that every book will present you same content. it’s about how it presents. like the pathogenesis in parson is way beautiful, in same way investigation approach in baliey is.

standard text forces to connect dots which in long run helps to make differential diagnosis and investigation

But i always left things in midway or didnt revise so atlast i was empty handed and struggled during last days of exam. Now i feel i dont even know basic things and my concepts arent strong enough.

everyone said just pass prof for now in internship you can read whatever you want to. once in entered in internship everyone said it’s crazy to read 19 subject from book it will take 5 years more to read them.

so go to marrow or prep clear pg n then read whatever u want to read.

it feel likes rat race now.

Moreover there is very little patient load in my college and even faculty, Jr arenot much interested to teach practical aspects.

Even in internship i had high hope to learn basic skills required for a ug student but there is hardly any opportunity to learn except scut work and fake files.

Now i have start losing interest in things, getting frustrated by end of day, not able to concentrate and study.

I haven’t completed even single subject yet.

Is it possible for average student from private medical college to get md(medicine) at aiims,delhi.

And can i still gain enough knowledge n wisdom to be a good doctor.


Mila jula ke tum ye kehna chah rhe pvt clg me log padhte nhi seekhte nhi ,

Tum lekin unique ho bhot padhte ,

Internship bhi sikhni hai ,

Ab pvt medical college har batch se 2 ya 3 completion crack karte hain,

Clinical seekh loge kabhi bhi,

Completion crack karna important hai,

Tumhare batch ka koi na koi aise example honge jo marrow /prep kar rahe honge ,

Wo crack kar denge exam,

Tum na clinical seekhoge,

Na crack karoge ,

Q ki tum fb group par keval ,show off karne aaye ho ,

Mark my word …

Padhai pehle shor mat machaoo AIIMS DELHI jana hai…Agr general candidate ho to…

Baki catagory ho to show off karo koi baat nhi ,

Sorry for the long comment