I am married.how can i change my surname in my mbbs degree and marksheet for counseling?

i am married.how can i change my surname in my mbbs degree and marksheet for counseling??? i registered neet pg application form as my husband surname…what to do now? what is process ??

U need to contact the medical college u did your mbbs from or university that has awarded you the degree. They will give you the details. Or best contact nbe and try getting your maiden surname in neet application form. You could have actually done that when they opened editing window for application because changing surname in degree is more costly

First of all mostly your university will not help you out in this case because changing any part of name in your documents cannot be done. Again University will have issues like fake person fake document etc.

If your surname is changed after marriage (changed just by yourself at the time of writing) then no one will agree to that.

For a girl to change her surname and get it official it needs to be done legally which includes lots of affidavits and publishing the details of changing of your name in local govt. press which releases gazetted newspaper, one local language newspaper, one national newspaper.

Once you go through all these then your name will be officially changed after that also University will mostly not change your name because at the time of admission to the medical college your name had surname of your father.

If you have the above legal documents then you can easily show nbe at the counseling that my name was xxx and after marriage my name is xxy and the change from x to y is done in a legal way by producing the affidavits and copies of name change procedure.

Now if you think you can get it done after exam and before declaration of neet pg results it’s good.

Or else send email to nbe regarding this issue and hope for the best

Y u registered in neetpg application with your husbands name as surname. without changing the surname in other certificates. In next neetpg better apply with what name which is given in certificates. Neet application is not a place to show our recent status like fb posts. Its based on documents.