I am new to this group. I do not have COPD,

I am new to this group. I do not have COPD, but do care for my mum who does have COPD.

Would anyone know if an oxygen concentrator would be a good purchase? I’ve seen some online, and on Amazon but unsure if it would help/ease symptoms.

welcome. It most certainly can. What stage is your mom. Do you know what her saturation levels are?

hello, thanks for the reply. I am unsure what stage is unfortunately. I know her saturation status are normal 93-90% and has COPD for 7 years now.

David van den Berg Thank you so much for the advice.

I will definitely speak to her doctor about this during the next appointment, but just wanted to get some guidance/perspective from others who maybe have COPD. Will definitely buy one if the Doctor doesn’t have anything against it after hearing-and reading really good things about them.

They’ve stayed roughly around that for the last couple of years, but she gets very out of breath upon doing tasks, so hopefully the Oxygen concentration may provide some additional relief during those time (if it’s okay with her doctor)

To qualify for oxygen, your mum will need to take a 6-minute walk test at her doctors office, and her oxygen sats need to drop below 88 during the walk. She should also have a PFT (pulmonary function test) done to see how well her lungs are working. Does she see a pulmonologist?

Also, an oxygen concentrator is usually rented through insurance company. You shouldn’t have to buy one.