I am no expert here but 1 Simple solution for the government

I am no expert here but 1 Simple solution for the government would be to invest funds to Hire your own MBBS graduates to clinical post graduation courses. Double up the clinical seat matrix in every damn clinical branch be it md/ms/dnb/diplomas and use these 1.5 lakh doctors who are made to sit at their homes.

On an average 1.75 lakhs mbbs graduates are neet pg aspirants, out of which currently only 25k go for their post graduation, rest 1.5 lakhs are made useless for that year.

Spend your funds for these 1.5 lakhs’ stipend & their accomodation. I believe it would help the scarcity pan india.

Use Neet pg as qualifying test, and ~95% of them should be getting a clinical seat.

Don not keep increasing mbbs seats & non clinical seats which is just adding to the unemployed pool of mbbs graduates.

And similarly increase the no. of jobs for SRs and assistants in all the hospitals.

But who will spend the money when these people are a good source of business for them via coaching institutes & private management medical seats.

Government want MBBS and not postgraduates…

What government will do with an orthopedician or dermatologist ?