I am not able to understand at what point shoulf we relate these flowcharts?

i am not able to understand at what point shoulf we relate these flowcharts ?
Is the activation of b cells by the T cells (following which the b cells enter into the germinal centre as shown in the 1 st image ) …same as the activation of b cells due to cytokines like il 4,5 etc released by T2 cells as shown in the second picture .?
Sorry for this silly doubt maam …i am getting confused where to relate this flowcharts since both are flowcharts for b cell activation

Basically IL-4,5 secretion from the T cells help in the class switching of B cells.

T cells also provides co-stimulatory signals in form of CD40-CD40L interaction.

See brother. The B cell in the first picture which is being activated by the T cell is doing so after the B cell has presented with peptide antigen in it’s MHC 2.

Following this, the T cell will release IL 4,5,6 . This activates the B cell which enters the germinal center

So , the answer to your question wether we’ll correlate the activation of B cell by T cell to the IL 4,5,6 release by Th2 in the second picture is YES

The second picture is when B cells migrate to germinal centres for affinity maturation, memory B cell generation and class switching

For class switching the follicular Th cells will secrete cytokines like IL4,5…