I am not so sure if there are IMG’s like me here

Hello guys, how’s everyone? I am not so sure if there are IMG’s like me here. I joined this group months ago and I rarely open this group because I have been busy with other things lately.
I want to start my review after doing something with regards to processing.
Honestly, I dont know how to begin my journey. I am not as young as most of you here so if you are more adept on how to do the steps i would gladly appreciate your response.
I have read something about the new pathways to follow before taking the USMLE. Does anyone familiar with these? Should I register at ECFMG now? I am qualified under the Pathway 1. But I am so confused about the matching first, or doing the Step2CK, 2CS? Or go straight to Step one.
Sorry for the long post. Btw, i am a permanent resident here for 2 years now and at the moment endorsing my USRN lic from another state. A friend of mine said, if I want to pursue my medical career then why waste time. So I am here for some thoughts. Thank you so much in advance.