I am of batch 2009 . In 2015 when it was my first drop I went into severe depression

I am of batch 2009 . In 2015 when it was my first drop I went into severe depression. Anyways 2015 year I only appeared for NEET and got rank of 22k without any preparation. I was so sick that I use to fall asleep in class . Coaching was not helping me much neither did the medicine. In 2016 I appeared for AIIIMS MAY exam . I did one month rigours study and scored rank of 3700 . From there on I made AIIMS as my target exam . I was lucky I got a aiimsonnian friend Dr Ajay Mohan with whom I prepared . Every day same schedule of coming to AIIMS and studying. In NOV 2016 I got rank of 2400 and neet rank of 10,000.
I took this as positive note and again started preparing. I got rank 756 in AIIMS 2017 MAY AND RANK OF 120 IN JIPMER . JIPMER boosted my confidence but than in Nov AIIMS 2017 I got 1000 rank . My NEET RANK THOUGH WAS 2700 . With broken heart I did NEET councelling. Still I had hope so I filled colleges with less seat leaving bond first so that I can leave seat if I got selected in AIIMS. I studied for 2 months and than became busy in councelling stuff. I got GMCH CHANDIGARH OBG I took the seat and with no hope appeared last time for AIIMS and got 170 rank in July 2018.
I got ophthalmology in new delhi and I was so happy. At that moment I thought even if I had to do anesthesiology from AIIMS Delhi I will do it. . Without worrying much abt branch in final round councelling I choose ophthalmology over OBG of Jodhpur AIIMS…
After few months when things settled down I realised how I hav done by taking ophthalmology. How I dint like reading ophthalmology . Practicing was fine but surgical skills I was lacking .
It was my 3rd semester and again I fell sick . This time it was very severe and I needed in patient treatment and was diagnosed with bipolar d/o. 7 months I was on leave and when I joined back I hated ophthalmology because it was so hard to excel in thing u don’t like. I planned to continue because only 2 sem were left. Everyone was like take the degree and do whatever you want to do. But how can I excel if I don’t like it. Now day by day m settling in .I m in final semester I now hav started coming strong over the reality.