I am old graduate IMG (2007), step 1 223 first at,CS passed 2nd attempts

I am old graduate IMG (2007), step 1 223 first at,CS passed 2nd attempts, failed CK 3 years ago. After the failure I thought I had no way of getting match so I quit to another path and trying to get into Nurse practitioner program. I graduated Nursed this year and working as a RN in the hospital that has residency while applying for NP program. Working environment makes me more dedicated towards my original goal again but with old grad and the credentials, I just don’t dare to continue. Today I had a chance to meet with a medical coordinator of the residency program at my hospital. I just talked with her a little bit to see whether I should continue my path or go back to med school here in the US. She recommends me to go back to med school if I really want to be a Dr because the program here favors more new grad ( filter out). I am so depressed and hopeless. Just don’t know what to do! I really do want to be a Dr again ( NP doesn’t have the same authority and automaticia as Dr). If I go back to med school, I will probably have some issue with my spouse and my kids won’t be with me during med school time. I asked these before and several people told me to continue the NP pathway and keep applying. But today after meeting the lady, I am thinking of quitting this journey.