I am planning for this year neet exam

Guys couldn’t get into the desired institute so I am planning for this year neet exam… My friend suggested me to join live session T and D series in either dams or Bhatia centre in Gautam Nagar or karolbhag in Delhi… he feels that the competition and coaching is top notch compared to other places… But I am from Mangalore Karnataka ( there is no face to face centre in here) and never been to Delhi before…so will it be worth for me to go to Delhi and join t&d in there??

Please give Ur opinion and guide me…


There will huge culture shock once you arrive at Delhi. Plus staying in Delhi is very expensive. Ofcourse the Face to face sessions help but aren’t deal breakers. I would suggest going to face to face center in Karnataka itself.

Join in Bangalore…make a study group…write tests seriously…make sure u vl b within top ten in ur batch.
Revise notes frequently…
U vl get ur seat.

Satellite centres are equally good. Many of the toppers have done satellite course only. It ultimately depends on you. You have to Work hard and you’ll get a decent rank whatever be the place of your preparation.