I am stuck please help me out

Hello everyone
I am stuck please help me out
My AIR is 78k , was preparing for 1 year after my ug
Got married in between , I am not working my parents wants me to work just to gain experience they think I should work and prepare as many people do it and stand on my feet, earning is not a problem as come from a good background but just for experience they want me to work as I am just plain mbbs on the contrary my husband doesn’t want me to work for what I have been with him I have understood that he wants me to be less then him , doesn’t support me for pg nor work sometimes I am confused what he wants
I am not able to understand what should I do listen to him or my parents I am not able to understand that I should study and for neet pg 22 as the date is not fixed or should join job
Please give suggestions and don’t mock

Listen to yourself sis!

Listen to what you actually want… Giving up on your dreams will haunt you later.

Keep studying whatever notes you have… and revise. Nothing is impossible.

Education is ur birth right…do remember that . If u r desperate to go for PG then go for it