I am thinking to appear for NEET 2019 in January

Hi members! Need your help. :neutral_face:
I am thinking to appear for NEET 2019 in January like most of us and I am completely new and aloof to the journey. I have about 4 months at hand now to get through this. I have many questions to ask in my subsequent discussion but for this one,

  1. How and where do I begin?
  2. Does my Usmle experience be helpful in any way?
  3. Are 4 months still good?
    Thanks. :pray:

Start frm where u are…
4 months will be enough time to build a building from a block of concrete…
Just start without wasting ur time…best of luck…!

You said usmle experience @Chinmay Desai were you preparing for that before ? Why leaving usmle for NEET.

Yes I am. Thinking of giving this one a chance.

Better continue with usmle if u have started with it …the preparation is quite different for Indian Pg …what is your step score ?

In my case even though I got 250 score in my step one USMLE, in NEET couldn’t get a good score. The pattern is completely different. So you need to prepare really well for NEET

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