I am very ambitious and hardworking

Hi there! This might seem stupid and just lame excuses. You can scroll past.
I am very ambitious and hardworking.Had been good though not v excellent during whole life and studies etc.Now that I got married it’s been 6 months I have been trying to get my shit together and study. I really don’t know what is the thing I am lacking and what modification I need to make. I am depressed most of the time can’t focus.Feel homesick(parents in another country).Get one after another health issue like v low iron levels, then allergy issues ,dealing with severe pain of endometriosis, Gastro ,severe insomnia depression,bla bla! These repeatedly just demotivate me and throw me back to the point where I started.Sometimes I just feel my husband would just get fed up with me being ill all the time and depressed.My husband doesn’t have a fixed work routine so whenever he’s home I am unable to study have to cook n do chores etc as well. So wasn’t able to have a routine.Tried going to library n study there but was v v tiring plus it’s far as well. Even when I get time I don’t feel like studying feel like there’s some block. As a result I am unable to sleep well have been trying to adjust my routine but I failed I sleep in the morning and that impairs my function I am really a morning person! Tried with sp as well but I was never able to complete the target. I don’t have much time. I have to apply next year at any cost . Haven’t done FA even once . Bought uworld too but I m just wasting it. Maybe i am not able to figure out the things that need modification or maybe how they can be done. I am not posting this for sympathies I just want if there’s someone who has some idea that might work or tell me the changes that can help me.i would really appreciate it.maybe getting an exam date would help. But have prepared nothing! Please give me some suggestions.