I can still remember last year around this time how busy

Its been a year now.I can still remember last year around this time how busy I was,completing subjects,making proper revision plan,giving test,all those stuffs you need to do if you want even a fairly decent rank in NEET PG.Then the result came, to my surprise got a not so bad rank in it.This group has been of tremendous help during the counseling period,no matter how insignificant the question is,always got response, got my agitated mind cooled off by the humourous responses from time to time.Thanks for that.
Then,I made a mistake,that was by no means foreseeable.
I chose west bengal state counseling under the west bengal university of health sciences though was getting my subject from All india counseling inside the state and also some better prospects outside the state.Somehow I was convinced to wait for state counseling.
On the day of publishing the result of 2nd round of state counseling,a notice was put up on the university website stating that it was on hold by an order of calcutta high court.
By that time,the chance of appearing in all india counseling and dnb counseling was over.only the state counseling was left.
Later , I came to know, the counseling authority was conducting the counseling with 40 % in service reservation,not incentive as it should be as per MCI rule and The honourable supreme courts judgement.
This was a huge disappointment for those students who studied like ther is no tomorrow, and was expecting a decent counseling as per mci rules.Not only that,they also included a lot the all india reverted seats into the 40% reserved catagory.Rightly,the honourable high court put a stay order on publishing the results of this illegal counseling.
During the hearing of the case,it came into light this service quota was applicable for not only doctors servicing in rural area but also for those who bagged a job in govt medical colleges under MEDICAL EDUCATION SERVICE,mostly by political influence(it is clear,as there are many instances where inspite of having a post graduate of same subject appearing for interview the person with only MBBS degree got selected for RMOship or demonstratorship).The job of those people in any govt medical college as we had observed during our mbbs course is to hardly take one or two classes , read mcq all day, get a decent salary and bag seat in PG, completely bypassing the counseling completetion in the name of this service quota.Precisely,to avoid this kind of misuse the MCI and supreme court ordered to give incentive marks to those doctors serving in rural area instead of a blanket service quota.
However due to strong lobbying by those exploiting the system,the wb counseling authority did not go for incentive marks instead of service quota.
And as a result the honourable Calcutta high Court’s single bench could not find any legal basis behind it ,and cancelled all the seats alloted by this illegal counseling , also ordered to publish a common merit list as it is done in rest of the part of our country.

Not following a single order of the verdict,counseling authority went for contempt of court and challanged the verdict in division bench ,only to get scolded again for this gross illegality and compromising merit in a tough exam like neet pg.The division bench also ordered to reallocate and integrate those seats by a fresh counseling.
In the mean time,another news resurfaced. As the court case was going on,and hastily the illegal r2 counseling admission was done by the authority in the last date as per mci rules, no mop up round was conducted…Leaving almost 150 seats empty,(most of them in government medical colleges,as you all know wb does not have a lot of private medical colleges).So,some well connected people got the cream de la cream of those empty seats by producing single writ petition in high court single bench,and the generous university allowed them to occupy the best seats that too after the last date of admission (31st may) was over, perfectly utilizing this legal loophole.
As a result…Some guy with 24000 UR rank got General Medicine in a govt college,someone with 57000 UR got MD RADIO DIAGNOSIS in the apex government institution.Just imagine the same university that can not conduct a mop up counseling in 150 empty seats,not even try to ask MCI for deadline leniency without any heaitation gives those seats even after the last date was over.The fun fact is though the single writ petition ordered university to give seat to those who applied,not a single one of them told which subject and which college is to be given.that decision was made at university level.
Well we all can understand whats going on here.

It is november now, notice for next years neet pg is already given,and here in west bengal we are still waiting for a legal counselling so that we can join and start our PG course.Some open candidates who joined their allotted seats by the illegal counselling are now panik stricken,as various sourses from within the university are spread ing the rumor that those who are working after the division bench order might not be allowed to take part in the new counselling.
Being the most sincere supporter of illegality the university, did not implement a single verdict either from either the single bench or the division bench .
The case is enlisted in supreme court now,for deciding the fate of 699 state quota pg seats.

Want suggestions on how to deal with the situation,and an advice to all would be pgts,please take every single bit of information regarding the illegalities followed in your state/university before counseling to avoid such fate.

Neet Pg 2019 was conducted on 6th january,yet even after almost a year, rankers were not given a chance to appear in a fair,legal counseling, there only fault was to choose state counseling over all india counseling.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.