I cant see my physio until Tuesday

Guys I’m feeling quite panicked and need some advice. I cant see my physio until Tuesday. I’m 1 month and 2 weeks post op. My recovery has been great, perfect up to this point. Last week I attempted to jog a couple of metres as I was so pain free in my knee. I realised the only pain I’m experiencing was in my hamstring where they took the graft. I felt a sharp pain so I stopped and didn’t try again. No issue came of this. The only pain I’ve been having thats limiting my movement is in the hamstring, abruptly stopping or other unorthodox movements cause it. And of course I knew it was normal, quite a large graft was taken from my hamstring.

Anyway, yesterday in a fit of rage I kicked a bag of clothes with my strong leg. I felt no pain in either leg. Until a couple of hours later where I began limping on my operated leg. Upon inspection, I’ve got this brushing occur. As long as I havent destroyed my new ACL I’ll be happy. The limp has subsided quickly. Its just tender in my hamstring (which has been the case for a while just minus the limp). Any ideas what this could be? Have I ruined my reconstruction? Please help!