I cleared my NEET PG last year and doing post graduation in Gen Surgery

Good evening friends

Hope you all are doing fine.

I cleared my NEET PG last year and doing post graduation in Gen Surgery.

As a senior and as a friend i want to give few suggestions about neet preparation.

If you want you can read or else ignore it.

Because of postponement of exam, might have frustrated but this is not the time to think about that.

And think, this is not only for you… For everyone exam has been postponed

So try to concentrate on studies

You have hardly 4 days left

Keep on revising your notes which you have studied so far

Dont read new stuffs

Revise bookmarked questions or important topics if u have made any list

Stay away from social media

For updates, you can use any one social media but for limited time

Social media is double edged sword

It wil help you also and at the same time it wil consume your time also.

So use it like a medicine

Dont think about ranks/ scores now

Just study study

Maintain good health

Cultivate positive mindset

Dont worry about admit card… it will come on time . If u download admit card today or tomorrow… you are going to write exam on same day only

Focus on studies

All the best for your exam!!!

Thank you

That’s what life shoud be . Always positive.

Thnak you so much Sir !

Thank you so much… seriously social media is such a pain sometimes…i read somewhere that cut off will be very high this year etc…and i can’t stop thinking about it since last 2 hrs…