I don’t think my surgery was successful

I don’t think my surgery was successful. 6 months PO and the pain is back times 10. I can’t bend it without assistance (me pulling it in place) and it feels like something is pinching me under my skin 😩😩 I have to rub it constantly to stop the tingling

Could it be rejection of the graft? I’d ask a surgeon to take a look at it.

not sure but something is definitely going on.

Definitely make an apt with your surgeon about the bending and pain issues - I had the issue with pinching, too, but thankfully it was just a couple of stitches that had been overlooked during Stitch removal that had started making their way to the surface

I felt the same way. I am now 8 months and my doctor explained my gait was off.

I have been working on my gait, quad strength, leg rise ect. And its gotten better but not 100 percent. I’m about 85 percent now still working on it. Inbox me if you’d like

I have that feeling also, it feels like if the tunnels connecting the graft is pulling, it pinchess and sort of burning sensation. It mostly happens when i bend my when just starting to stretch