I don't mind hectic ED's, that's ok,but what about ward days?

I wanna be a surgeon,but the lifestyle thing scares me,I don’t mind working long hours but 72 hrs non stop scares me a lot
Is it very frequent,72 hours back to back,and is it always like it or only for JR1,any seniors please help
I don’t mind hectic ED’s, that’s ok,but what about ward days?
I have some(but not massive) interest in patho and radio too,the interest is not even comparable to surgery(and the various subfields of surgery)

Study and Info. ID,to avoid distractions,saw such names in my old MLE group so picked one,no attempts yet

Pvt institute mei surgery le lena aisa h toh…koi back to back 72h duty nhi hogi aur working environment bhi achha

Don’t have that much money,will do back to back 72 hours then :neutral_face:
Or maybe patho

Had similar doubts while starting MBBS also,also before choosing biology in class 11(with PMT coaching),a lot of exaggerated hours(told by multiple sources) turned out to be partial truths, because eventually I got used to regular study,and even if I gave exaggerated hours it was followed by few(but worthwhile) breaks
Later i realised that even if we give such hours we eventually get used to it,and make time(which is often worth enjoying)

Staphylococcus Aureus in that case…if u truly enjoyed surgical postings in ur internship,then u can go ahead with surgical branch. Passion is important to tide u over any stress…

When 1000s of doctors who take surgery can do it , sure u too can. If ur really interested go for it. Dont listen to demotivating comments. Everyone was scared the 1st time we started to do something but it doesnt mean we are not fit for it…

It’s good to be scared.
One should wisely choose between passion and comfortable life. Almost every clinical branch have more or so working hours.
Choice is yours you wana send the sample for reporting after surgery on your 72 hour shift .or you wana do reporting on a working day most probably 9-4 shift.
No branch is inferior or superior.
Pathologist help us establishinh diagnosis and plan treatment for particilar patient.
I would follow my passion.

Sir ji nice thoughts…and your correct every branch has it’s own perk…working hours is same altogether everywhere

Long hrs of work ain’t a problem Nd not very frequent, but wat is intolerable is the ill-treatment Nd discrimination u face in other states…if u luv sx take it in ur own college

What I will say is if u really love surgery…it scares u only till d time u have not taken it…after dat dose regular 72 hours duty itself becomes fun…Nd not only fun…U will love to do it👍