I don't understand why it happens....like the question is soo familiar

I don’t understand why it happens…like the question is soo familiar…i have read it many times…ruled out two options and then among the two in each and every question i chose the incorrect one. Even at the last moment i changed few answers and made it wrong. The topics from the exam was not new to me…my GT score was good too…almost 140+ correct i got in last few GT’s and INI CET mock as well as NEET Mock …which made me think I Can Do it and was soo positive about exam…bt don’t know what went wrong😭 after seeing recall questions i dnt think I will get a decent rank…as i am already married now in laws and husband is against preparation for neet 2023 and forcing for a child. So much stressed and not able to think what should I do now.

Almost all are in same boat

So nobody is better or inferior

Let the rank come

If u get something ur wish whether it is md dnb or even diploma … Take it