I gave 2 INICET GT on Marrow platform

I gave 2 INICET GT on Marrow platform

Gt 1 scored 76/200(92 percentile)

Gt 2 scored 96/200(90 percentile)

My constant weak subjects are Surgery and O&G…

I am trying hard to uplift the two major subjects.

I just have a small dream to get a rank in NEET within 5k…

Plss senior guide me

Will it be possible for me

If gynae is weak, take sakshi arora books, and read them in 20 days.

Obgyn has more weightage in exam, so your rank will improve exponentially if you improve in that subject only.

Gt marks doesnt matter… look for improvement as in ur case there is some improvement but u have to ask urself how much u have gained between two tests.

Always revise ur bottom 3subject before attempting ur next GT. Make sure u do them atleast within 15 days if u have already gone through them once…if for first time then u might take some time so complete it first coz surgery and obg makes up around 50 questions and there will v huge improvement. And keep revising and solving mcqs frm qbank or custom modules only reading wont help you.